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How to be Safe while using your computer system without having antivirus software

If you are the type that requires a desktop computer or laptop for your everyday work, you can’t afford to entertain any form of virus attacks.  But however, you can prevent your computer system from getting attacked by Trojan and worm attacks without the use of any antivirus programs by following these easy steps.

Have you been in a situation where you are typing an important document and unfortunately you are not the type to save every time you type and then you just see your system rebooting by itself or everything just goes blank on the system?. This type of situation can be very irritating when you have to type your report or article on your computer and the machine just goes blank on you

It will be so bad that even restarting your computer doesn’t help. This can give you the scariest phenomenon because the computer screen will suddenly turn blue, with some text displayed in a very small font size reporting errors that only computer specialists understand. In short your computer will be rendered useless courtesy of a virus.

In some other instances, your computer will get so slow that once you power it up, it takes so long to load basic the processes and the loading might take hours before coming on and other processes like your word processor might also respond in the same manner.

There are some remedies to all the above, though technically it is not 100% fool proof but is close to been 99% effective.

If you own a computer that is the source of your livelihood or just another computer user surfing the net, then ensure you protect your computer system using the following guides.

  1. Disable the auto run feature on your computer – To do this you should go to start and type in GPEDIT.MSC then press enter. You will see some configurations there and will be presented with a Group Policy screen with several options but on the left panel click on administrative template. On the right side of the screen, another screen pops up with a list of five components; a) Control panel (b) Windows components (c) System (d) Network (e) and finally printers. Go to system and click on it, lists of several options appears. Then scroll down to the – Turn off autoplay option and double click on it. Click the Enabled and change the settings under the option that is shown there – Turn off autoplay to on – to reflect all drives and click apply. The purpose of this feature is to prevent external drives e.g. flash disks and CD-ROMs from self executing when plugged into your system because that is a major source for viruses, worms and Trojans to copy themselves into your system.
  2. Never double click files you are not sure of – while online, and you see some suspicious click on or adverts you do not true, it is advisable to let it be because clicking it might lead to you installing a virus that might crash your system.
  3. Don’t double click external drives, flash disks and external hard drives immediately it is installed into your system, to avoid executing virus codes into your computer system. The best thing to do is to, right click and choose the explore option to bypass virus execution commands that you are unaware of when you double click.
  4. Install a good firewall that will help monitor files coming in and out your system. Most firewalls are expected to give you the option of allowing certain programs to access the internet. For instance your browser is vital to all your operations and should be the first on the list of safe programs. For traffic outside your own computer system, your e-mails and attachments will be scanned and authorization prompts will appear on your computer.
  5. Finally the best and safest method that works efficiently is installing a security utility called Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze, upon its installation will retain current configuration present on the system and will not allow any alteration on the ‘frozen’ areas. All Virus, Trojan and worm codes love copying themselves to the registry of its host (i.e. the computer system) for self executing at start up and this area will automatically become an out of bounds area for any file once you install this great tool. You can download online. No update will be needed necessarily after installation. This software functions completely on its own and will not prompt for threat quarantines or any other line familiar with antivirus programs.

Following this guides above will assure you of never having attacks on your desktop computer/laptop computer or you experiencing a devastating operating system crash or even attacks from viruses, Trojans and worms because of the methods listed above.

What do you do to stay safe on your computer? You can get more information on how to protect your system while working or surfing online by Contacting Us today