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Microchips offers solar solution in renewable energy systems design, engineering and distribution. We supply renewable systems and products for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications in a cost effective and service oriented manner.

Solar Solutions 

(1) Grid Tie with Backup Solution: Provide power in the absence of grid power supply or generator supply

(2) Off Grid Solar solution with backup: Provide power in the absence of or without grid supply

Power Inverter 

banner1A power inverter, or inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The power inverter convert DC energy stored in a battery, to the electric current (AC) that your appliances require. An inverter taps current from the public supply when that is on (or, alternatively, from a power generator), stores that power in its battery bank as DC and converts it to AC when the power supply is gone. That way, the inverter provides the power backup you need, filling the gap in your power supply. The key advantage of inverter over power generator, is that inverters do not require consumables like petrol, diesel or oil and virtually incur no running cost

inverter6inverter1We offer high quality Inverters, UPS, Batteries and Renewable Energy Products. We market high quality brands(Su-kam, Luminous, etc.) of inverters for domestic as well as corporate applications, with output capacities ranging from 0.8KVA to 100KVA. These inverters are used commonly for running deep freezers and refrigerators of different sizes. The high power range of inverters are also suitable for running elevators, Petrol Pumps, Telecom (Telecommunication equipment/device), hospitals, banks, shopping malls, etc.