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Tips for Buying Long Lasting Solar Panels


Agreeable, we can say that the solar system is one of the most popular adapted forms of generating electricity in Nigeria today and with good maintenance it will serve its purpose for decades to come. Solar panels as we all know it are used to collect the energy from electricity, these solar panels play a great role in the solar system. There are several types of solar panels out there in the market but two main types are usually used due to their advantage of being cheaper and easy to maintain, they are The monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.

But before you go out there to start your purchase for these solar panels, here are some things you should know and consider when buying your solar panels.


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How to cost a solar panel?

To determine the cost of the solar panel you choose to buy, some various factors have to be taken into consideration. Most times, the price is also greatly influenced by the kind of subsidiaries set in place for use of renewable energy by the government for the promotion of alternative energy sources. Though generally it should be priced based on

  • How much Current charge it generates (measured in Watts)
  • The size of each panel
  • Durability and warranty period offered
  • Quality of materials used in building the panels
  • How much of the energy from the sun can it hold no matter how small the sun ray is

However, you should have it in mind that price is never the primary factor to take into account when purchasing a solar panel. The panel will have to fit the purpose you need it for perfectly in order to give you its maximum performance.


Some Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing Solar Panels

It is always a good idea to look for the best place to buy solar panels before making a purchase so as to get an efficient and high-performance product, the conversion efficiency is a measure of how much solar energy a panel can hold and convert into electricity, you should look for a panel with high conversion efficiency a good solar panel will also have very little potential induced degradation (PID).

Also, check for warranty period granted by the company you are buying from as it will give the confidence the company shows in the panels. Also, keep in mind the fact that the light-induced degradation (LID) of a good solar panel is also little to none because an increased LID means that the amount of power produced by the panel is less. That is why monocrystalline are best used due to their less number of LID.



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